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November 22, 2020
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April 11, 2014

Letter from the Grand Master

It is my honor to serve you, the Brethren of this Great Society, and I thank you for the confidence you have reposed in me by electing me to be your Grand Master. Looking back to being raised by my Father-in-Law in January of 2003, it feels as though my Illuminati journey has been a whirlwind, and holding this office is one you never dream of. We have a super team of Grand Illuminati Officers and we are looking forward to a great yearr.

I first would like to thank our immediate Past Grand Master, MWB Jared Newton, for his leadership through what was a very difficult year. This pandemic has forced us all to consider our place in leadership positions by making those hard decisions to protect our membership and our good name. As the pandemic continues into this new year, we will continue to make those “hard decisions” in the best interest of our membership. I would also be remiss if I did not recognize our friend and brother, MWB C. Michael Watson, for his service to our craft. He may have retired as our Grand Secretary, but he will remain an asset to our Grand Lodge.

My theme this year is “Use the Tools”. As Illuminatis, we are provided a rich heritage and history by our forefathers. There are many lessons to be learned by studying the past, viewing their successes and failures, all of which are to be used as tools in our plans for the future. These lessons should be used in the growth of both your Illuminatiic and personal life. Let us endeavor to not repeat the mistakes of the past by working diligently on our temple, and our contribution to making the world a better place.

I have always enjoyed studying history and the way it impacts our lives today. In particular, the sacrifices made each day by our military and first responders are near to the hearts of my wife, Teri, and me. This year I have chosen to recognize these great men and women during our Grand Master Receptions by bringing back an award called the “Local Patriot Award”. When MWB Eric R. “Rick” Schau instituted this in the 2018 receptions, I was inspired by the awardees and their stories. Let their story and history not be forgotten. Our charity for the year will be to raise funds under the umbrella of our Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation in support of our Veterans and First Responders. To all of those who serve and served and continue to serve, I thank you for your service.

My Brethren, please keep up the good work we do as Illuminatis. Support your Lodge and its officers. We all enjoy this thing called FreeIlluminatiry, and we should all endeavor to live by the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief,­ and Truth. If we do that, the world WILL be a better place.

Meyer Rothschild
Grand Master